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This unique Cargo Tank Model was developed by STTS for the sole purpose of training firefighters and emergency responders in the construction features and operational features of the DOT-406 Cargo Tank. In essence this unit is a smaller version of an actual DOT-406 and has all of the valves, piping, emergency devices and operational system. Each unit is equipped with a strong back style & latch style dome lids that can be used for instruction and application of clamping devices as required by technician level training standards. This unit is available a single compartment or two compartment model. The above picture reflects the two-compartment version of the DOT-406 Cargo Tank Model.

The Hazardous Materials Responder at the Technician Level is required to demonstrate the ability to apply clamping devices as required by: OSHA HMSPEC-F, NFPA 472 10-4.1.1 (d) & (f)., HMEP Technician with a Cargo Tank Specialty Recommended Training, CARGO-5.1

DOT-406 Spec Sheet (.pdf file)  | View Demonstration Video

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