Models & Training Props > MC-306 & DOT-406 Dome Leak Simulator

This 4 station simulator was specifically designed by STTS to simulate leaking 306 or 406 dome lids found on gasoline cargo tanks. Once pressurize with water each vent will open and begin to leak. Hazmat Team members can then move in and practice the application of dome clamps to contain the leaks. The unit is also equipped with a 3″NPT clean-out collar & cap used for the practical application of an emergency unloading fixture. The base of the unit comes with a drilling pad that will allow responders to practice drilling on removable aluminum plates of equivalent thickness of a gasoline cargo tank. This unit may be used to satisfy training requirements cited by NFPA 472 (10-4.1.1) concerning leaking dome lids & relief devices. Once training is complete, simply disassemble the unit and store the contents in the base unit. This is the most utilitarian work station that you will ever find!

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