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This pipe tree has several types of pipe, 2” galvanized to minimize rust, schedule 80 PVC for pressure leaks, schedule 40 PVC non-pressor pipe to simulate drain pipe that could be found in buildings.

Types of leaks in the steel pipe:

  1. Rising stem gate valve packing leak, ball valve, two sprinkler heads, and multiple unions. We also drill several very small holes in the steel pipe, as well as use a Dremel tool to cut a Simulated pipe freeze damage.
  2. Schedule 80 PVC pipe utilizes union valves, as well as unions that can be loosened for leaks, One 3” four bolt flange, a 2” four bolt flange with damaged gaskets for leaks. This pipe can be pressurized, and have additional holes cut or drilled in it.
  3. 3 3” and 4” Schedule 40 PVC pipe is non-pressor pipe with threaded drain plugs to leak, and can have additional holes cut or drilled in it.

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STTS Pipe Leak Tree

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