“The Ultimate Personal Protective Equipment Confidence Builder For The Technician Level Responder”

shz_su5This 16-hour course is designed to expand the responders knowledge base in the selection, maintenance, testing and practical application of personal protective equipment. Unlike many courses, students are not merely informed of unforeseen consequences but, are challenged with hands-on exercises that will put their new found knowledge to work in the Hot Zone. Each student will be individually compelled to apply tactics and techniques that will permit him and team members to successfully complete a hands on confidence course. The confidence course presents challenges in the form of in-suit emergencies and physical and mental restrictions that may be encountered while working in the Hot Zone.

Entering the Hot Zone will always be a physical and mental challenge to say the least. However, challenges and stress can me minimized with knowledge, confidence and practical experience. This course is 50% hands-on and will require all students to complete exercises and a confidence course in Level A Protection. Challenges encounter during the confidence course will include addressing cargo tank leaks, rebuilding valves, overcoming physical restrictions and much more. This class is delivered to your facility over a period of two consecutive days and is limited to 25 students per day. For more information click on the course objectives button on the top of this page or contact STTS directly.
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Participants will:


  • Understand basic chemical & physical properties of hazardous materials relating to the selection & use of chemical protective clothing.
  • Understand the implications of harm to the emergency responder & protective clothing.
  • Be familiar with chemical protection levels, style and classification.
  • Be familiar with current NFPA & OSHA chemical protection standards and regulations.
  • Be familiar with the development and implementation of a chemical protective clothing maintenance & testing programs.
  • Be familiar with and perform survival techniques taught in the classroom to demonstrate individual competency.
  • Actively participate in a classroom risk assessment exercise and task oriented confidence course utilizing chemical protection clothing in a simulated hot zone.

This course exceeds OSHA 1910.120 requirement for annual refresher training
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This Is Where Your Organization Saves Money!

Under most circumstances your organization would need to send personnel out of town to receive this type and quality of training.

Safe Transportation Training Specialists is now capable of bringing this training to your location. With travel expenses for your members eliminated, it is possible to train up to 20 of team members a day at your site for the same amount of money it would take to train just a few people at an out of state facility.

To receive a quote via fax or email for your location please fill out our message form or contact us toll-free at 1.877.330.7887.
Contact STTS Toll-Free 1-877-330-STTS (7887)

shz_su6This course is delivered at a location of your choosing and consists of 8 hours of classroom and 8 hours of hands on exercises. Each class is capable of training up to 20-25 technician level responders.

Classes are normally scheduled to begin at 8:00 AM and conclude by 5:00 PM. However, STTS can adjust starting and ending times to coincide with your organizations needs.

For the volunteer communities, weekend classes are available and quoted without an additional charge. Feel free to contact us for more information anytime.

Contact STTS Toll-Free 1-877-330-STTS (7887)

shz_su7Under most circumstances, all your organization will need to provide is an appropriate classroom and outside training area.

The training area will consist of a classroom capable of seating all participants and a hands-on area to accommodate the cargo tank replicas and training modules.

In most cases, an open bay will be sufficient.

Typically our instructors will arrive the afternoon or evening before the training in order to adjust the course to accommodate the surroundings.

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